Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle hands-on therapy. It works with the whole person- the therapists’s hands listen to what your body is telling them, and your body responds to this by beginning to listen to itself.

Craniosacral therapy is suitable for all ages, from newborn babies to the elderly- it can be of great help to babies who have colic or who have had a traumatic birth.

It supports your body’s ability to balance itself, reduce physical and emotional stress and can treat a wide range of issues such as musculo-skeletal problems, emotional difficulties, recovery from accidents, chronic pains or migraines.

Consultation and fees

The initial consultation lasts about an hour, less for babies and children. Followup appointments for adults last 50 minutes, and for babies and children 40 minutes

Adults: First appointment £65, Follow up appointments £55

Children: First appointment £50 Follow up appointments £40

If homeopathic remedies are given to support the treatment there will be a small additional charge of £10